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Jaimie Schweitzer in her studio

   Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed drawing

and had a fascination for the natural world. Annual family camping trips nurtured my interest in the outdoors and

my admiration for the north woods of Wisconsin, my home state. Throughout my school years I became more and more interested in art and ultimately chose to attend art school after high school. As a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, it was only natural to combine the two interests


   I studied fine art with a major in painting. Oil was my media of choice. I focused on landscapes. To put it simply, of places I would like to be. 


   Over the years my paintings have become more focused on smaller, more intimate depictions of nature. I also began using watercolor on a smaller scale. My goal is to transcend documentation and express the more spiritual side of nature and the interconnections of all creatures. This has led to the most recent paintings of mine. In these paintings I use trees as a  symbol of this connection. They literally provide shelter, food and the air for which all living creatures need to survive. I aim to capture moments of change and survival in the lives of animals. I also find it fun to add a little bit of the magic that I was so captured by as

a child exploring the woods of Wisconsin.


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