David Schweitzer in his studio

   Yes, like most artists I've been painting and drawing since childhood. I knew at an early age that I wanted to be an artist. My fantastic high school art teacher encouraged me to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, which I did, and a career in illustration followed. I bounced around the midwest working for advertising art studios in Milwaukee, Chicago and Waterloo, Iowa until I eventually started my freelance business in 1986. I was represented by art reps in Chicago and Los Angeles and received assignments from ad agencies and publishers from coast to coast. A freelancer enjoys lots of freedom, but little stability so in 2008 I took a job as an illustrator for a large aerospace company in Texas where I still reside.

   I've never seen painting as my job, I see it as my life and most of my free time is spent at my easel. I also enjoy attending painting workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School and others. I've studied with such artists as Michael Albrechtsen, Keith Ferris, Tom Hoffman and Derek Penix.

   In my Dream Images gallery you will see the start of a project I've been planning for over 30 years. In 1984 I started keeping a sketchbook of my dreams with plans to put my favorite ones on canvas. There isn't a lot in there yet, but check back from time to time.

   I've also been a member of the U.S. Air Force Art Program since 1991, traveling the world with the Air Force and documenting their history through art. Some of these paintings now hang in the Pentagon. All my work for the Air Force is donated.

   I hope you enjoy my work and check back often to see what's new. Thanks!